CAULDRON OF THE HOLLYWOOD HEAD HUNTERS [Man of the Mist 3] by Darryle Purcell

"Reading a new Darryle Purcell book is like having your favorite dessert. ...he pulls out all the stops and offers up fast paced, action packed adventure that is pure pulp." —Pulp Fiction Reviews

Cauldron of the Hollywood Head Hunters brings 1930s pulp-style action to 21st Century readers. Fans of classic pulp heroes like the Avenger, the Spider, the Shadow and Doc Savage will thrill to the Man of the Mist’s third illustrated, full-length adventure novel.

Ralph Thorn, the Man of the Mist, and his spunky secretary Moxie Malone fight to the death against a criminal organization made up of head-shrinking maniacs, an evil Fuehrer who seems to possess supernatural powers, a sadistic torturer, a werewolf gangster, innocent victims who have become zombies, a pack of attacking wolves in front of a Mexican restaurant, and villainous thugs, seditionists and terrorists from around the world.

Thorn, a master of mind control, bets his life against the most powerful evil he has ever faced to protect his friends, his city and his country. In Cauldron of the Hollywood Head Hunters, innocent heads roll, people are murdered, and other victims have their minds taken and their bodies controlled. Action screams from every page as the Man of the Mist fights against an international evil disguised as a religion led by a self-created god of death, and the battleground is Hollywood, California.

Former newspaper editor and political cartoonist Darryle Purcell, author of the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives series, writes and illustrates the new, dynamic Man of the Mist series.