MARSHAL OF MOJAVE [A Trail Riders Adventure] by Charles Lee Jackson II


Those gun-slingin’, hard-ridin’, two-fisted lawmen of the prairie – the Trail Riders – are back, in four exciting adventures straight from the pen of Charles Lee Jackson, II, author of THE SKY TIGER and THUNDER BIRD. Join Federal Marshal Kit Cassiday and pals Slim Rafferty, and Alibi Jones as they fight for justice in the last days of the West, pitting six-guns and horses against Tommy guns and gas-buggies.

Returning to Mojave after a long absence, the Trail Riders find their home has fallen to a new crop of crooks, hiding behind the very law the boys have sworn to uphold. And when they arrest and imprison the leader of the gang, his henchmen don’t take it lying down, forcing our heroes into a “Jailhouse Siege”.

With the crooked city officials in jail, the marshals assume the case is closed. But when a suspicious lawyer arrives and breaks one of the owlhoots out of jail and flees, Kit, Slim, and Alibi find they’ve only scratched the surface of a case that requires them to become “Untouchables of the West”.

Things just aren’t going well in Mojave any more, and when Kit and Slim try to investigate shady doin’s at the bank, they find themselves in the City Jail, accused of murder, and pointed straight at them is “The Finger of Suspicion”.

A mercy train run taking a sick millionaire east for treatment becomes a battleground for Slim Rafferty, who must capture a ruthless gangster fleeing Los Angeles. And without Kit or Alibi on hand, he’ll have a desperate fight on his hands before he reaches “The End of The Line”.