THE BIG SWITCH [A Brian Kane Mystery] by Jack Bludis

Anthony and Shamus award finalist Jack Bludis' high-octane P.I. Brian Kane returns in this unforgettable tale of Hollywood and homicide—noir style. It's Hollywood, 1951. This is private eye Brian Kane's turf. He's been hired by a mega-star's wife to catch her cheating husband with the newest of his many casting-couch hopefuls. It seems like a routine divorce job, till one young starlet winds up dead. And then another. When Kane tries to confront his client, he discovers she was an imposter.

Meanwhile, for reasons he can't comprehend, thugs are trying to scare him off the case. When he tries to explain to the police about the imposter, Kane finds he's suddenly suspect #1. And the body count keeps growing...

"Fans of the hardboiled good old stuff should rejoice. Jack Bludis is a true Keeper of the Flame! Five out of five stars!" —Richard Helms, two-time Derringer Award winning author of Thunder Moon.

"Puts the hard in hard-boiled, but the heart too. There is a link to the giants of the genre and his name is Bludis." —Reed Farrel Coleman, three-time Shamus Award winning author of Innocent Monster.