BLACKMAIL TO MURDER [The Mark Banning Mysteries, Book 3] by Stephen L. Brooks

Mark banning encounters a very different—and very differently deadly—case...

Ryan Morgan, a married man, comes to Banning for help in a panic. He is being blackmailed with incriminating photos of Ryan with an attractive co-worker. To Banning, with years of experience as a private eye, there is nothing unusual about that. What is unusual is that the photos show the pair in places they've never been.

Hooked by the questions the photos raise and the challenge the case presents, Banning and his assistant Betsy begin investigating. Clues soon suggest the photos may have been sent from the home of Paul Reynolds, Ryan Morgan's business partner, and his wife Ellen. But when Betsy arrives at the Morgan residence, she finds someone has beat her there and Ellen Morgan has been shot dead. What Mark Banning wants to know is whether his client, his client's wife, or the "other woman" decided Ellen Reynolds was the blackmailer? Or is something entirely different going on? What Banning doesn't know is that a desperate killer will do anything to stop him from learning the truth.