ZERO HOUR: A Novel of Espionage China in the Early Days of WWII by Peter Ruber

Peril in WWII that rivals Tom Clancy!

It's September 1939, the Japanese military has already taken the rest of China, now their growing presence in Guangdong Province signals the imminent invasion of the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. British intelligence, working with Sir Alan Hawkwood, governor of that British Crown Colony, recruits soldier-of-fortune James Hanecy to lead a secret reconnaissance mission into enemy territory. British intelligence hopes to learn how much time the colony might have before the invasion.

Joining Hanecy is a Burmese mercenary named Balusa and four Chinese renegades. On a perilous trek into enemy territory to ferret out their top most secret, Hanecy and his band risk discovery by roving Japanese patrols at every step. In a series of brilliant moves, they penetrate the Japanese held Province, uncover the enemy's timetable, and relay it back to British intelligence. Then, mission seemingly accomplished, rather than return to safety Hanecy and his men decide to gamble their lives on a mission of their own—destroy two key Japanese camps that lie together by the shore—and then, if they are successful, race to their own rendezvous with a waiting British airplane, with the entire enemy army at their heels thirsting for revenge.

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