BLONDE BOMBSHELLS [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

In this installment of underground comic book and pulp magazine sensation Charles Lee Jackson II's adventures of "The Emperor," the eponymous head of a shadowy yet benevolent organization is joined by two women in his battle for justice and peace. One woman has amazing powers beyond ordinary men, the other is a schoolgirl just learning that her father was a costumed crime-fighter of the past.

Former astronaut Helia Laurel has a secret identity—so secret, in fact, that even she doesn't know that she is also the fantastic Solara, while young Alison Carlsonn tries to earn the right to become a new hero, Shooting Star. They are the... Blonde Bombshells!

When Alison Carlsonn discovers that her father had spent his youth as a costumed hero, she thinks she’s found herself a career following in his footsteps. But when she learns her father is being held hostage by a master criminal, her nascent career must begin immediately—and she must become the “Phoenix from Santa Fe”.

Helia Laurel wakes to find herself confined in a hospital bed, uncertain of her own identity, and terrorized by the very people who should be helping her, one of whom is about to bring about “The Return of Solara”.

Released from the hospital, Helia Laurel find she has much of her life to recover—but that it must wait, because Continent-Eight, the Executive of Crime, is plotting evil once again. The blonde bombshell must hurtle into action, as “Solara Strikes Back”.

Hoping to win approval of her plan to become a modern-day Swashbuckler, Alison Carlsonn visits The Emperor but finds herself in a life-and-death situation in a bank hold-up, as “Allie Goes to Hollywood”.

Welcome to the Emperorverse, a world born of international spies, space aliens, mad scientists, colourful villains, costumed heroes, secret agents, spacemen, and even the cowboys of yesteryear, all engaged in the wildest and woolliest adventures you’ve ever read. It's an amazing and unequaled series of creative tales, woven into a complex, interrelated web that snares the imagination.

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