STAR OF JUSTICE [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

At last! Alison Carlsonn is about to realize her dream. She has competed her training and earned the right to appear in public as the super heroine Shooting Star! But, in one of the most enthralling of Charles Lee Jackson II’s “Secret Files” adventures, Alison discovers that being a high-flying heroine is deadly dangerous when the enemy knows you exist and can see you! Now the Ærial Ace must risk life and limb to show that she is a…STAR OF JUSTICE!

No sooner has the newly-minted Shooting Star made her debut than Alison learns her father, once a high-flying hero himself, now a paraplegic, has been kidnapped, and his newest invention stolen by Continent-Eight, that international Executive of Crime. But it’s worse than that for Alison – he’s prisoner of the ruthless Jade Dragon, and his diptych disintegrator is the weapon that may make Alison a… “Star from the Ashes”.

Alison is good at heart; so good that she’s even willing to come to the aid of her worst friend from college. Shooting Star heads for the beautiful Pacific Northwest to solve the mystery of who is behind the sabotage and destruction of a once prosperous lumber company – and why? The Ærial Ace learns that timber is source of millions in… “Green Gold”.

Leaving her Shooting Star costume back home (never a good idea), Alison heads for Connecticut to visit her estranged mother. No sooner has she arrived than she encounters a man known to be dead, the evil Reverend Rosefeld. He is intent on opening a new branch of his Church of Nihilism – and that spells trouble. Thousands of miles from her uniform, Alison finds that to take action, she must first create a new identity without bringing suspicion on herself. For a super heroine New Haven is no… “Haven From Trouble”.

Alison teams with an insurance investigator to uncover the cause of a series of suspicious warehouse blazes. Their efforts point to a dangerous firebug. But things are more perilous than they seem, and Shooting Star’s career might come to a premature end when the Ærial Ace falls into the hands of the fiendish menace known only as… “Firedrake”.

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