THE EMPEROR AT THE END OF THE WORLD [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Faster than a streak of lightning – more powerful than the pounding surf – able win the hearts of Hollywood’s glamour girls! The most amazing pulp hero of our generation – The Emperor, the super-hero in a jacket and tie – returns in the most amazing and dangerous adventure of his career, as chronicled by Charles Lee Jackson, II, which finds him and his team facing the destruction of the entire Earth!

CL and Shanghai Lil are joined by Ed Green and Bill Mills to tackle that most dangerous of super-villains, the last of the Martian warlords, Horst Sterling Rosefeld, whose new plan for revenge will rip the Earth out of its orbit and send it hurtling away into the depths of space! Armed with The Emperor’s own technology and with the enslaved participation of the diabolical Doctor Double X, Rosefeld’s mad plan may be unstoppable! But to save the planet, our hero may become “The Emperor At The End Of The World”!

And in a special bonus adventure, CL and the mistress of darkness, Cat’s-Eye, team up when she is framed for the theft of plans for a deadly superweapon, and find themselves the targets of the infernal Doctor Double X, who intends to prove to the world that he’s still as dangerous as ever, and especially to make sure that “The Emperor Sees The Light”!

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