THE PERILS OF SOLARA [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

She’s back – that blonde bombshell of the Hollywood Swashbucklers! Solara, in the most dangerous adventure she’s ever faced, as the evil Jade Dragon, Victoria Poten, in her quest to seize control of the international Executive of Crime, Continent-Eight, targets Solara as the key to her success. If she can destroy Solara – or somehow learn the secret of her powers – Poten might just achieve her goal, and become the sole ruler of the criminal world. To do this, she strikes at Solara’s friends with deadly weapons, kidnaps innocent women in her search for Solara’s alter ego, and finally traps the blonde bombshell and holds her helpless at her mercy! These are only some of the dangers threatening Our Heroes as Charles Lee Jackson, II, presents another case from “The Emperor’s Secret Files”, revealing THE PERILS OF SOLARA!

And, in a special bonus adventure, a figure from Helia’s past reappears, bringing her into court and attempting to reveal the secret of her other identity. And, with the help of Doctor Yalta and Maskman, leaders of Continent-Eight, he may be able to achieve his goal and “Annihilate Solara”!

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