THE WOLF MONSTER [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II


Meet a hero who’s new and different!

Stewart Taylor, American Soldier of Fortune, whose determination to fight Freedom’s enemies brings him a fate worse than death – and yet salvation! Doomed to the curse of the werewolf while fighting the Fascists in Spain, he turns his plight into a weapon against the Nazis – only to become the victim of a vampire! In these recently released files, among the most secret of The Emperor’s Secret Files, documented by Charles Lee Jackson, II, we follow Taylor as he finds himself an entirely new creature – THE WOLF MONSTER !

When werewolf Stewart Taylor offers his services to the British, he is surprised to find not just acceptance but an immediate assignment. Assuming the identity of a Nazi Captain, he heads for a secret installation guarded by Hitler’s elite squad. His mission: destroy the Third Reich’s supply of uranium before it can become a veritable “Atomic Monster”!

Taylor’s new mission, to infiltrate another Nazi scheme, is placed in jeopardy when he destroys a vampire only to be attacked and killed by the un-dead fiend’s mistress. But werewolves don’t just die, and Taylor finds that his new condition may actually make his assignment easier to accomplish, as “The Wolf Monster”.

In the wake of D-Day, with the United Nations’ forces advancing across Europe, with German forces caught between retreat and their fanatic master, Taylor returns to find that mystic forces are being leveled against the allies, as an army of the dead is raised to turn the tide of battle in the Ardennes, when “The Wolf Monster Prowls Again”.

The war is over at last, but Taylor, injured and amnesiac, falls into the hands of a mad doctor who seeks to use his curse in his bid to strike back at the Occupation Forces and restore the Reich! Taylor’s curse, however, is more than his captors have guessed, and it is they who may fall to “The Claws of the Wolf Monster”.

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