THE EMPEROR ON THE TRAIL OF DOOM [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Faster than a streak of lightning – more powerful than a roaring hurricane – able to thrill millions with his derring-do! The champion of Justice… the Emperor! Yes, The Emperor is back in three new Amazing Adventures from the Secret Files of Charles Lee Jackson, II! You won’t want to miss any of the excitement as you follow… THE EMPEROR ON THE TRAIL OF DOOM !

Cleaning up in the wake of the fallen Executive of Crime, CL and his favorite companion, Shanghai Lil, are diverted from their mission to investigate mysterious vandalism in a tiny German village. Something huge and monstrous is on the loose, and the villainous Gayla Knight wants to know what it is. But she’ll have to contend with “The Emperor in the Black Forest”.

On a break from their job to clean up after Continent-Eight, CL and Shanghai are in Austria, skiing, seeing the sights, and sampling the cuisine between bouts with the international commission. But somehow no respite goes right for these heroes, and they soon find themselves on the trail of looted art treasures. Who else would fall into such a case but “The Emperor in Vienna”?

CL has been battling a new enemy – national pride – in his quest to assure that the bounty of Continent-Eight does not fall into the wrong hands. And now he must deal with the consequences when that very thing happens, and a group of unknown villains seize control of weapons of mass destruction, and he must prevent a possible world war that may start in the Balkans, long a danger to peace. Which is why we find “The Emperor in the Powderkeg of Europe”!

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