STAR OF MYSTERY [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Shooting Star, the ærial ace of the Hollywood Swashbucklers, flies again. Armed with her gravity-defying belt and “stardust” projectors, young Alison Carlsonn dons her colorful uniform and battles new and fantastic enemies, in STAR OF MYSTERY.

Exploring Arizona’s Colossal Caves, Allie encounters spooky phenomena, requiring the aid of her fellow crime-buster, the mistress of darkness, Cat’s-Eye, to investigate. The two go deep into the bowels of the Earth to solve the mystery of Jack O’Lantern, and find they must venture “Toward the Light”.

Back on her college campus, Alison is puzzled by the strange behavior of some of her classmates. And when one of the girls dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s a call to action for Shooting Star to unravel the puzzle marked by “Seven Kisses”.

On an Atlantic cruise, Allie and nine of her classmates are taken prisoner by pirates who promise no harm will come to them. But Alison knows better, and must find a way to save the day with Shooting Star’s uniform 3000 miles away! And she must discover how the girls’ pleasure yacht will be used as a “Cruise Missile”.

In Solvang, California, Alison is on vacation when she stumbles onto a secret hideout of the mysterious organization Tsodiac, barely escaping with her life in two encounters with munitions master Warhead. And when she learns the villain’s objective, she’ll have to work quickly amid all the “Concord and Discord”.'

The Secret Files series is "Fun, fast and fantastical! Light action/adventure romp with fun and interesting characters as well as an equal measure of good humor. It's Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy … a long running series of ebooks and paperbacks from Charles Lee Jackson II. Highly recommended." —Goodreads 5-star review

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