DROVER’S SOUL: A Novel of Romantic Suspense in the New West by K. L Melvany

"Will Keep You Turning the Pages!" So writes Dee Gentle of K. L. Melvany's books in Coffee Time Romances. In this western romance of the range, when footloose gunman Hiram Richards meets Juanita Gundersen, daughter of a successful rancher, the two fall in love at first sight. But, everything stands in the way, from the difference in their social class to revenge-seeking killers from his past. Before they have passed through the fire, Juanita will grow from a girl to a woman, and Hiram will discover his lust for killing has vanished. Here is a true-to-life story of the untameable passions of the men and women who settled the west. Fresh from the triumph of the romantic suspense thriller Goodbye, Maggie!, K. L. Melvany takes a whole new approach to the romance novel, going deep inside her hero's soul, to show what kind of man it took to make a woman of the West lose her heart and fall in love. As Dee Gentle says, the romances of K. L. Melvany are "emotionally intense and edgy [with] a diverse cast of characters [who have] depth and personality [...] a well-written, satisfying read."

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