PAUSE FOR THE CAT: A Lucky Pierre Mystery by J. D. Crayne

Lucky Pierre, that well-known cat about town, is back!  He was all settled down to enjoy his favorite occupations of napping and snacking when his humans, Jeremy and Linda Austin, land him in the middle of another murderous mess.  Honeysuckle House Bed and Breakfast, which the Austins own and run on sweat, tears, and a couple of shoestrings, is the site of a writers' salon organized by science fiction enthusiast Angela Griffin.

Honeysuckle House has been the site of several other unpleasant little mishaps, and this may be the last chance for the Austins to redeem their reputation and avoid closing down their business. Things are going fine until one of the writers turns up dead with a shish kebab skewer stuck through his heart.  He was a drunk who beat his wife, so no one misses him much, even if he was a pretty good writer.  But when Angela Griffin proposes a toast to his memory and dies after drinking a poisoned glass of champagne, even Pierre has to admit that things are getting serious.  For one thing, these killings are interfering with his naps.  For another, they mess up his snack schedule.

Detective Mark Stoddard joins forces with writer and amateur sleuth Gramps Derry, but neither of them are making much headway. Even Gramps' granddaughter, Grub, is having a hard time seeing through the felonious fog. It's up to Pierre to uncover the vital clue that will keep the villain from killing again.  But can he? And once the mystery starts to unravel, will revealing the long-hidden secrets of the past keep the heartless killer from striking again?  This light-hearted romp through mischief, murder, and mayhem uncovers the innermost secrets of a writer's life, with everything from infidelity through sugar cube bar bets and adventures in one-upmanship.

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