MEET JONATHAN KNOX [Death for Auction, the Adventures of Jonathan Knox #1] by Emmett McDowell


"Notable." —Delaware Times

Here is one of the slickest murder mysteries ever spun by the ace mystery writer of The Blue Grass State, Emmett McDowell, containing enough action, suspense and danger to keep any reader's nerves a-tingle.

Nobody knew how the late Heinrich Schupp made his living, but when auctioneer Jonathan Knox was called in to estimate the man's book collection, he was astonished to find it was worth a fortune. However, when he found one of the heirs dangling from a noose, Jonathan realized what he read between the lines could cost him his life!

In the first book in this classic mystery series, you will meet:

Jonathan Knox—He was an auctioneer with a photographic memory; who thought honesty was the best policy. In this case, he hoped the policy that paid off wouldn't be his own life insurance!

Douglas Schupp—The old book collector's nephew and heir had begged Knox to auction off the dead man's collection immediately. But puzzlingly, had sold them for a song by the time Jonathan arrived.

Connie Schupp, Douglas Schupp's niece—She offered to help Jonathan any way she could. The auctioneer wasn't sure if she meant help with the books or into her bedroom—or perhaps the electric chair?

Julius Schupp—Another heir, with an unfriendly manner and an avaricious streak. He had the strength to commit the murder—did he have the will?

Farbman—A crooked book dealer who didn't take well to being cheated. And he had been.