STAMPED FOR DEATH [Death for Auction, the Adventures of Jonathan Knox #2] by Emmett McDowell


"Fresh background material and a fine storytelling knack." —Lewisville Courier-Journal

Jonathan Knox was an auctioneer of somewhat dubious repute with a photographic memory. So when a frightened woman offered him a discount on eleven of the rarest stamps in existence, worth something like $500,000, he became suspicious. He figured also that if the stamps had been stolen he might net a pretty reward by returning them to their rightful owner. But he couldn't find a single collector willing to admit to owning them. And when the girl who had originally offered them was murdered, Knox knew that he'd be the next one canceled unless he could find the person who would pay the growing postage-due bill from the devil's own mail carrier. That's when the auctioneer found himself forced to play very reluctant sleuth, with his own life at stake.

In this colorful, never-reprinted 1950s classic you will encounter:

Jonathan Knox—This auctioneer's photographic memory coupled with his lack of scruples made him a detested necessity to many people. And too often it also marked him for murder.

Elly Watson—She was better at bargaining than Knox. But when she gave him a was more than he bargained for.

Edmund Dorsey deLong—Like many philatelists, he would stop at nothing for his stamp collection. Not even a killing.

Henrietta Noyes—They had to kill her to break her hold on them. So they targeted her for murder.

Louis Plummer—His customers were interested in his goods, but not where they came from. This case was the exception.

Everett Kirkland—He should never have been an actor...too many people had seen his face. That could make it unhealthy for a man involved in murder.