McHUGH: The Classic 1960s Spy Novel by Jay Flynn


"Neatly crafted action yarns. Matt Helm fans, in particular, will find them right up their street." —1001 Midnights

Meet McHugh America's#1 Secret Agent a combination of Mickey Spillaine's Mike Hammer and Ian Flemming's James Bond. Like 007, he has an ultra-sophisticated taste for the finest liquors, food, cars, ladies, and hand-tailored suits. Like Hammer he can pound the toughest thugs teeth in with a single punch, bounce back from the most vicious beatings, carries the biggest hand gun around and isn't slow to use it, and has the most extraordinary gal pal ever.

"A jet-setting troubleshooting secret agent—who does it beautifully. There is little wasted time and no slow spots as Mr. Flynn keeps things happening. I devoured them hungrily." —Spy Guys and Gals

In this first book in the series, McHugh takes a leave of absence from his spy work to help out his lover's sister who has found a dead Mafioso in her apartment, her boyfriend missing, and half San Francisco's mobsters after her. But soon, the twisting trail leads back to his home base, and he finds the case involves not only the Cosa Nostra but has a government aspect as well and is ordered back in service by the General who commands his loyalty. Foreign killers, Mafia Killers, it's a killer of a plot involving millions of dollars in stolen gold, international smugglers, and enough shootouts to send 007 screaming into retirement and frighten Hammer into surrendering his PI license. And then there is Loris. What can we say about Loris? You will have to read about her for yourself. Move over Velda. Make room, Moneypenny. There has never been a woman like Loris before. Or a hero like McHugh. You won't be able to wait for his other adventures. They are espionage classics from the Golden Age of the '60s!

"Beautiful, treacherous women. Ultra-nasty villains. Action fast and furious… Storylines solidly constructed. Elaborate capers. Considerable storytelling skills. Plus plenty of sly humor, breakneck pacing, and lean, evocative writing." —Bill Pronzini, Mystery File

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