THE DAN BARRY OMNIBUS: Untamed; The Night Horsemen; The Seventh Man by Max Brand


Max Brand was one of the greatest writers of western fiction, and The Untamed is generally acclaimed his greatest western. In this classic trilogy, the hero is the Achilles-like Dan Barry, an invincible sharpshooter cursed with a deadly, ungovernable temper when roused to anger.

In case anyone missed the mythological ramifications of his story, Brand mints his metaphors from classic mythology in the opening paragraph: "Over the shoulder of a hill came a whistling which might have been attributed to the wind, had not this day been deathly calm. It was fit music for such a scene, for it seemed neither of heaven nor earth, but the soul of the great god Pan come back to earth to charm those nameless rocks with his wild, sweet piping." This is heady writing for a western, yet, unorthodox as it seems, Brand knew what he was doing, for Dan Barry made him famous virtually overnight, and a succession of highly-popular westerns flowed from Brand's pen thereafter.

Before it was over, Brand would write over one hundred western novels, and a nearly equal number of tales of espionage, sports, aviation, mystery, medicine and historical adventure. Like the Dan Barry novels—The Untamed, The Night Horsemen, and The Seventh Man—all bear the mythological echoes that became his trademark, and all have remained reader favorites throughout the years.