THE FIRST MAX BRAND OMNIBUS: Gunman’s Reckoning; Ronicky Doone; Riders of the Silences

Three Classic Western Novels at One Low Price!

The late Max Brand is considered one of the greatest western writers of all time. His blazing novels of romance and gunplay have been made into more than fifty movies, and have remained continuously in print since Brand's death more half a century ago. Here are three of his best books, complete and unabridged, for a price so low, it is one of the best bargains you can find online.

In Gunman's Reckoning, when the wandering gunfighter Donnegan, with enemies on his trail, falls in love with proud, strong-willed Lou Macon, his only hope of carving out a future for them is with lead—and killing is the one thing Lou won't forgive.

When Ronicky Doone, whose philosophy is "you don't enjoy having your neck safe and sound, unless you take a chance of breaking it, once in a while," comes riding into town in a "solid, swiftly moving dust cloud," he steals the heart of Ruth Tolliver, and their passion unwittingly paves the way to one of the West's deadliest showdowns!

Riders of the Silences tells the "legend" of Red Pierre and the phantom gunfighter, McGurk ... two men of the wilderness, unalike, of widely differing backgrounds, with but a single common trait—each was unbeatable—that they were inevitably fated to clash, "thunder to thunder, lightning to lightning." And only one woman possessed the courage to bring their madness to an end!

More than 1,000 pages in hardcover, in a bargain eBook edition!