THE FLYING-U OMNIBUS: Three Classic Western Romances by Bertha M. Bower

The Cowboy and the Female Doctor! Sparks fly when they meet. And those sparks kindle one of the great romances in the history of the western novel. In these three classics, 1920s novelist Bertha M. Bower, who grew up in the West, presents the love story of Chip, of the Flying-U ranch and the physician he comes to admire and love. But first, Chip will have to live long enough to woo her, and the odds are long against him. If the outlaws who threaten the Flying-U or his rivals for the fair doctor's hand don't kill him first, there are always the perils of the range. Here is the whole romantic saga, complete and unabridged: Chip of the Flying-U, The Flying-U Ranch, and The Flying-U's Last Stand.

Discover why Bertha M. Bower was one of her generation's bestselling western writers.