MOROCCO JONES & THE SYNDICATE HOODS [War Against the Mafia #1] by Jack Baynes


"Glorious! The writing is good … with a firm command of craft, character, and plot." —Bill Crider, Anthony Award winning mystery writer in Pop Culture magazine

In the first book in this classic series, a former CIA spy behind the German lines in WW2 and secret agent fighting the Russian KGB in Europe during the Cold War, returns to the states to find himself up against the dirtiest plot ever against the U.S.  Russia's top secret agent has infiltrated the country, making an unholy deal with the Mafia, for an unlimited supply of heroin, the Mafia agrees to back all Reds' activities in the United States. The streets will be flooded with smack … and the back alleys with Russian agents working to bring down America.

"I love the Morocco Jones books, outrageously pulpy and lots of fun." —Rara-Avis website

Meet Morocco Jones. He never gives a bad guy an even break.

"Only suckers play straight in my game. Ethics is a word that means holes in your head—bullet holes. I'm one of those old-fashioned operatives. When someone takes out after me I don't bother to haul out my conscience and frisk it for motives. I just shut my mouth and swing. A gun is nice, too, but I like the personal touch. There's this Russian agent Bardo, for instance. I've been waiting a long time to catch up with him. And vice versa. He just rented a bunch of trigger-happy gorillas from the Mafia zoo. It gripes me to have to keep shoving corpses out of my hotel room, but I like things neat. Pretty soon Bardo will run out of fall guys… Stick around, chum—the party's just beginning…."

First Morocco Jones is coming for the Commie spy ring, then he plans to take on the Mafia Syndicate —the entire Mafia….

"Overseas, during the war, we always felt a sort of aloofness—an objectivity. We were like soldiers in an expeditionary force. No matter how well we might know and believe in the cause for which we fought, the fact still remained that we were on foreign soil, far from home. The battle didn't touch anything close to us. Then, all of a sudden, we're home and it's the same old battle being waged in our own back yard. The enemy is here. And that makes you do some thinking. It makes you reassemble your values; re-evaluate your beliefs and loyalties. You realize very keenly and personally how much these things mean to you. Then you lose all your aloofness and objectivity. Your enemy ceases to be a shadowy figure and becomes a more powerful threat, a greater menace, an active and evil thing that is tearing at the very foundations of your own house."

Meet Morocco Jones, the exciting personality who has taken his place among the heroes of tough guy fiction. Morocco Jones whose mind is as sharp as the edge of lightning and whose fists are as deadly as a forty-five. Fans of Mack Bolan, the Executioner, Elvis Cole and Jack Reacher will love Morocco Jones.

"Murder, molls and mayhem." —The Pensacola News