MOROCCO JONES: THE SYNDICATE’S GOLDEN ANGEL [War Against the Mafia #4] by Jack Baynes

"Action packed, and very entertaining." —Goodreads

The wheels on the Syndicate's deadliest racket—taking over unions to leverage the old protection game on whole industries—have begun to steam-roll over the shipping business in the quiet California town of Pacific Port. They send an S.O.S. for the one-man army—P.I. and ex-spy, Morocco Jones.

His name is whispered in secret, and in awe—from Budapest to Bangkok, from Copenhagen to Cairo to Kansas City, Mo. He's the toughest, smartest operator ever to work and survive the roughest racket of them all—overseas counter-espionage. He's the guy who rocked the Mafia on its heels in Chicago, the guy who took Border City's underworld apart with his bare hands. The man who's come to take the Cosa Nostra by the throat and end it once and for all.

If he survives the baited, one-woman death trap called "the Syndicate's Golden Angel."

In the classic series that took the war to the Mafia a decade before the debut of Mack Bolan, The Executioner.