C IS FOR CATNIP: A Lucky Pierre Mystery by J. D. Crayne


"If you like cat mysteries, these are for you! Let's hear it for Lucky Pierre! Good mysteries, enjoyable action and humor, likeable characters" —D. Anderson, Amazon review

Jeremy and Linda Austin quit their jobs, moving lock, stock and their cat "Lucky" Pierre to the small town of Pomo. The Austins are a nice young couple who have decided to get out of the big city rat race. There they buy a big old house, which they plan to refurbish and open as a bed and breakfast, and which Lucky Pierre considers his own. That's when things start to go wrong.

First, Jeremy and Lucky Pierre find a body in the barn. The deceased has been walloped on the head and, lacking any evidence of foul play, the police call the death an accident. Next, a water pipe breaks in the Arts Commission gallery and the Commission's most ardent volunteer talks the Austins into hosting the grand finale of the silent auction. At the height of the festivities, Linda finds a local business owner murdered in an upstairs bedroom. Feeling a little overwhelmed by these events, and not very happy over the reputation that their new business is getting even before it opens, Jeremy decides to do a little investigating on his own, trying not to trip over Lucky Pierre. Between repairs at home, and investigations around town, Jeremy is soon ready for a break.

When the Arts Commission finally gets its plumbing repaired and opens a new art exhibit, Linda suggests that they go to the opening. All is well until they discover another dead body, its head crushed with a piece of one of the art exhibits. Linda and Jeremy have now been associated with three cadavers and the local police, in the person of Detective Mark Stoddard, are beginning to give them funny looks. Meanwhile, Lucky Pierre has been acquainting himself with the town in a way the Austins could never guess.

Harassed by the newspapers, coughing in dusty cupboards, bedeviled by their herb-gardening neighbor, with the help of Lucky" Pierre" Jeremy manages to unravel the secrets in this lighthearted romp of a mystery.

"Pierre reminds me of my cats. I have one who acts just like him when people are around." —Amazon certified review