MAGICAL MEOW: A Lucky Pierre Mystery by J. D. Crayne

Lucky Pierre, that Sherlock Holmes of felines, solves another murder in this lighthearted cozy mystery.

The nice young couple who naively believe that they own him have gone to San Francisco for two weeks, leaving Pierre in the custody of Herb and Maggie Lindenberg, owners of Wrangler's Western Motel. Pierre was all settled down to engage in his favorite occupations of sleeping and eating when a group of fans who love tales about magical academies move in for a four-day convention, filled with wand-waving, potion-brewing, and discussions on making your own broom.

All is going well until one of the guests, Walter Vionet, drinks some funny-looking fruit juice and falls on his face, poisoned! The prime suspect appears to be the glowering fan whose girlfriend Vionet lured away. He's jealous, vindictive, and and carries vials of poison stashed in his black robes. Lucky Pierre is just nosing out the possibilities when more suspects turn up. The murdered man's cast-off mistress is a striking brunette who doesn't believe in burying the hatchet...unless it's in someone's chest.  His ex-wife is there too, but she has moved on and developed new interests—or has she?

Also present in this merry menagerie is an uncle of Vionet's fiancée, who takes a dim view of the graduate student sleeping with a man thirty years her senior.  As for the fiancée, the murdered man wasn't exactly faithful and she intended to stop his philandering, one way or another.  In the midst of all the confusion Lucky Pierre finds a new friend, an elegant little tricolor named Annie.

Follow Lucky Pierre as he copes with wily wizards, willful witches, costumed fans, and some incredibly strange snack food in this rollicking excursion  into madcap murder