Nemesis Magazine #7: Victory Rose in Death Stalks the Ruins – Stephen Adams, Ed.

One Costumed Heroine Against Nazi Science at its Most Fiendish!

Pounded from all sides in their crumbling pocket of Stalingrad, the German High Command makes one last desperate throw of the dice to hold off the Red Army. From the nightmare crucibles of the Third Reich, where sadism and science walk hand in hand, comes the evil Doktor Schadel with a plan to create an unstoppable army of super storm troopers—an army for whom death holds no terrors. Now he has turned them loose on the Russians, and America's Soviet allies are helpless before Schadel's invincible troopers.

Then out of the West comes a star of hope: The Legendary Allied agent, Victory Rose—battling her way into the heart of the Nazi juggernaut. With guns in her fists and fire in her eyes she flings herself single-handed into combat with the super-storm troopers—buying the Soviets time, even at the cost of her own life.

It's horror, adventure, and mayhem when Victory Rose leagues herself with Stalingrad's brave defenders only to find that Death Stalks the Ruins!

Cover design: Stephen Adams.