Nemesis Magazine #3: Victory Rose In The Furher’s Final Trumpet – Stephen Adams, Ed.

One Woman Warrior Against Hitler's Death Machines!

In December of 1941, the U.S. was forced into the boiling cauldron of World War II. Willing but still unready for the task at hand, the nation geared up for the greatest military conflict of all time. Within weeks, a new kind of soldier appeared on the scene—Major Victoria Rose Hardwyck (a.k.a. Victory Rose).

Her origins were labeled "Top Secret," and they remain classified in government files even to this day. When the first accounts of her heroic battles against Nazi tyranny leaked to an incredulous public, Victory Rose, Nemesis of Axis Tyranny, was thought to be a legend, her figure barely glimpsed in flashes of gunfire. As the true accounts of her exploits were released as a morale builder, America found herself with a new ally and a powerful weapon in the war against the Axis.

Now, as Nazi Germany totters on the verge of collapse, Victory Rose and her unit are given their most challenging assignment: fly to Berlin and steal or destroy the newest and greatest of the German Wonder Weapons. In a last ditch effort to halt the Allied advance, Nazi scientists have created the War Trumpet, a device capable of knocking out electronic devices all along the battlefront and leaving the Allied Army at the mercy of a devastating counterattack.

Trapped alone in the besieged German capital of Berlin, Victory Rose fights for her life against SS execution squads, faces the fury of a frenzied mob, and locks horns with Schickelgruber himself, Adolf Hitler, in his bunker deep beneath the city. To survive she must form an uneasy alliance with Russian commandoes led by her old flame, Alexei Kruszynski.

But the game becomes more complicated when Victory Rose discovers that to accomplish her mission, she will not only have to recover the secrets of Nazi technology for the Allies, but keep it out of the hands of the Communists as well. For gripping World War II action, read "The Fuhrer's Final Trumpet," a pivotal episode in the saga of Victory Rose!

Plus: A trio of classic jungle tales from the heyday of the pulps, including full-length adventures of those legendary jungle men, Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle and Kwa, King of the Apes. Illustrated with classic pulp art.

Cover design: Stephen Adams.