Nemesis Magazine #8: Femme Noir in Claws of Fire and Ice – Stephen Adams, Ed.

Femme Noir Versus Hell's Mightiest Demon!

The eighth great issue of this amazing new tribute to the pulp magazines features "Claws of Fire and Ice," a book-length Femme Noir novel, plus new and classic horror short stories.

After centuries trapped beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic, Sarabotes, Hell's mightiest demon, awakes to spread disaster through the world. Rising in Boston harbor, he rains flaming destruction down on the city, laughing as its citizens burn in the fire. But before he begins his conquest of the Earth, Sarabotes plans to take an old flame for his bride. His prospective bride, however, has other plans. She's Femme Noir, Dread Nemesis of Hell's Restless Legions, and she has sworn to stop Sarabotes—even if it means her death!

Join Femme Noir, detective Rick Harrell, his irascible police chief, and Father Tomasino, as they oppose themselves to the occult powers of hell's most powerful demon. Here is a masterpiece of dark fantasy that will bring you face to face with Femme Noir's greatest secret and a shattering climax inside the Chapel of the Saints of Night.

Also included are C. E. Eddy's classic of necrophilic lust from the pages of Weird Tales, "The Loved Dead"; Ardath Mayhar's horrifying "The Dig"; J. D. Crayne's "Blood Madonna," and other dark fantasies.