Nemesis Magazine #5: Gun Moll In Angel With No Hands – Stephen Adams, Ed.

Meet the Eeriest Villainess in Suspense Fiction!

Nemesis, the contemporary pulp magazine, continues with another book-length Gun Moll novel, featuring America's Undercover Nemesis of Crime against The Angel with No Hands, plus new and classic mystery short stories.

It's the 1920s and Giselle, a beautiful but treacherous French double agent, is captured by her vengeful countrymen and sentenced to one of history's grimmest fates. Soon she earns a new and deadlier name—Giselle sans Mains ("without hands")—one that strikes terror in to the hearts of all who hear it. For no one is more ruthless in their pursuit of crime, and her lust for mass destruction leaves a trail of slaughter wherever she goes.

Now sans Mains has exported her genius for evil to America and plans to wreck the nation's economy and spread death throughout its cities. As bombs explode and buildings burn, only Gun Moll, America's Undercover Nemesis of Crime, the woman with ice in her veins, stand between Giselle sans Mains and the helpless population of New York. But can even Gun Moll's cool, calculating brain find a way to defeat such a pitiless foe, especially when all of New York's gangsters are lined up behind her?

Stephen Adam's Angel with No Hands is a nonstop rollercoaster of action and suspense that carries Gun Moll straight into the torturer's den where the price of victory may be her own death! Plus new and classic mystery short stories including a never-reprinted adventure of the "first and best of blind detectives," Max Caraddos.

Cover: Stephen Adams