Nemesis Magazine #9: Gun Moll in The Prison of Guilt and Shame – Stephen Adams, Ed.

1920s Female Federal Agent Sent to Prison!

Gun Moll, undercover nemesis of crime, lies helpless in prison, victim of a brilliant scheme. New York City reels under a horrifying wave of crime and murder. Eyewitnesses agree that a sapphire-eyed blonde is the gang's leader. Soon Gun Moll, whom all gangdom has sworn to bring down, is hauled before the courts, identified as the criminal, and sentenced to the big house.

In a prison where heartless fiends rule and women are driven to the brink of madness, Gun Moll faces the enemies she has sent there in years past. Meanwhile her friends, Rocky Brannigan, the crime boss of New York; Daisy, Gun Moll's faithful maid; Jingles; her staunch ally, Flynn; and her motor-mouthed lawyer, Morrie Lichtenburg combine forces to uncover the real criminals and free their beloved leader.

Rat infested dungeons, sadistic guards, a corrupt warden, and prisoners locked in a neverending round of despair, are only the beginning when Gun Moll is sent to The Prison of Guilt and Shame! Don't miss it!