Nemesis Magazine #2: Rachel Rocket In Hell Wings Over Manhattan – Stephen Adams, Ed.

The Pulp Thrills Continue In This All-New 1930s Style Magazine!

Fans of The Spider, Doc Savage, and The Shadow won't want to miss the second pulse-pounding issue of Nemesis, featuring Rachel Rocket, the Winged Nemesis of Foreign Terror, in the book-length novel of Nazi treachery in the skies, "Hell Wings over Manhattan."

It's the late 1930s, and enemy spies have honeycombed the cities of the United States with their corrupting burrows. Like termites, they shun the light of liberty, even while they seek to snuff it out and replace it with the sinister darkness of Fascism. Their leader–The Demolition Master–and his Fifth Columnists launch an assault of death and destruction upon the heart of New York City. This merciless agent of the Gangster Nations rains terror down on to the great metropolis with an unstoppable armada of explosives-laden robot planes, and all a helpless populace can do is watch the skies and prepare to evacuate the city. But the American spirit of youth and freedom refuses to submit meekly. Rachel Rocket, the beautiful, red-headed pilot, and her comrades have vowed to man the nation's defenses against the threat of Totalitarianism.

When Nazi treachery puts her best friend, Dr. Mitzi Rowan, in a hospital room hovering between life and death, and lays her partner, Hank Rowan, low with a gangster's bullet in his body, Rachel Rocket must take to the skies alone to save America from the evil plans of a mad Axis dictator and his evil henchmen.

Aided only by her skill and daring, Rachel pits herself against gangster hordes, the Axis' greatest aerial Aces, and the masked spymaster from an enslaved, central European country, when the heavens explode and "Hell Wings Over Manhattan."

Plus spine-tingling science fiction stories, including EPPIE nominee Stefan Vucak's "Hunger," author J. D. Crayne's disturbing "Point of View," Hugo Award winner Larry Niven's "No Exit," written with Jean Marie Stine, and a classic novelette of space ship mystery by the king of space opera, Edmond Hamilton.

Cover: Stephen Adams.