Nemesis Magazine #4: Femme Noir In Hell’s Hungry Darlings – Stephen Adams, Ed.

She Was the Nemesis of Hell's Restless Spirits!

In issue #4 of Nemesis, the modern pulp magazine, you will meet the incredible, mystical Femme Noir, sworn to oppose Lucifer's Legions, in a complete book-length novel of demonic horror.

When a mysteriously traumatized young woman begs for asylum at the Chapel of the Saints of Night, Father Tomansino must come to grips with one of the gravest errors he has made during his lifetime of stewardship. A moment's negligence is all it has taken to open a conduit of pure evil and release an invasion of creatures from the pit of Hell upon unsuspecting humanity.

His own desperate efforts to halt the release of the demonic hoards having failed, the terrified priest has only one hope. As the bloody monstrosities roam the city, slaughtering and devouring its citizenry, Tomasino turns to Femme Noir, Dread Nemesis of Hell's Restless Legions. From the depths of her sanctum, the shadowy Chapel, this Champion of Light issues forth to wreak destruction upon the forces of Hell, before humanity can become food for their gluttonous appetites.

As her only mortal friend and ally, Detective Rick Harrell, rallies his forces to fight a desperate holding action against Hell's most fearsome creations, Femme Noir singlehandedly battles through the blood-thirsty demons in order to risk her soul in a face-to-face confrontation with the sorcerer who has unleashed "Hell's Hungry Darlings."

Also featured in issue #4 are new and classic horror stories including "The Challenge from Beyond," the legendary round-robin novelette of cosmic horror by those classic terror masters H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, A. Merritt, C. L. Moore, and Frank Belknap Long.

In Nemesis magazine, writes Rod MacDonald in SFCrowsnest, each issue features one of four "valiant ladies from different eras acting as the nemesis to various threatening forces including crime and evil. Names such as Rachel Rocket and Gun Moll come to the fore. It's all ripping stuff—This isn't an old pulp novel—It's modern stuff written by Stephen Adams who also does the evocative cover artwork." The lead novels are "well-written—the action scenes realistic and the dialogue easy flowing and believable. This type of fantasy isn't my normal reading but I found it light and entertaining."