Nemesis Magazine #1: Gun Moll in Tentacles of Evil – Stephen Adams, Ed.


Here is a real thrill for lovers of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, Operator 5, and other crime-fighting heroes of the heyday of the pulp adventure magazine.  NEMESIS MAGAZINE #1 stars the gun-blazing exploits of Gun Moll, the coldly beautiful Undercover Nemesis of Crime. In Tentacles of Evil, Gun Moll uncovers a plot in which the virtue of innocent, young girls is traded in a devilish bargain for the riches of the Orient. Gun Moll vows to bring the fight back from the streets of New York and carry it straight into the Chinatown stronghold of Dr. Sin Lo, a fiendish super-genius who spins a web of crime and intrigue designed to bring the future of civilization itself into his clutches. Her brain constantly working behind an expressionless face like a white, porcelain mask, Gun Moll calls upon the help of Rocky Brannigan, the gangster warlord; Jingles, her loyal, brutish chauffeur; Flynn, the uncompromising old cop who dotes on her like a daughter; Calpurnia, her feisty maid; and the debased slave girls of Sin Lo's opium den to concoct a plan that will save the ancient celestial's victims from the burning curse of a fate worse than death, and utterly destroy the vile cult of evil along with the black-hearted Master whose hand guides it. With only her wits, icy determination, and blazing automatics to rely on, the stunning undercover ace thrusts herself directly into a maelstrom of corruption where she must face dismemberment in the shackles of a clockwork torture device, battle for her life against the slavering jaws of ravenous rats, and risk defilement as a slave of the Master of Evil. In the mysterious dens of old Chinatown. Here is the first of Gun Moll's no-holds-barred battles with the Dr. Sin Lo to save the world from being strangled by his Tentacles of Evil! PLUS other stories and features. Cover: Stephen Adams.

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