Nemesis Magazine #6: Rachel Rocket in March of the Molten Image – Stephen Adams, Ed.


In NEMESIS magazine, "valiant ladies from different eras acting as the nemesis to various threatening forces including crime and evil. Names such as Rachel Rocket and Gun Moll come to the fore. It's all ripping stuff... This isn't an old pulp novel ... It's modern stuff written by Stephen Adams who also does the evocative cover artwork." The lead novels are "well-written ... the action scenes realistic and the dialogue easy flowing and believable. This type of fantasy isn't my normal reading but I found it light and entertaining."–Rod MacDonald in SFCrowsnest. Investigating a mysterious cloud of smoke on the Caribbean Sea, Rachel Rocket and her partner, Hank Rowan, crash land on an island where an evil industrialist is building the world’s most terrible weapons of mass destruction! Soon Rachel has been sentenced to a life of soul-destroying drudgery in the bowels of a mysterious factory no one leaves alive. While Hank and his newfound companion, an island native longing for escape, battle the sea in an open boat, Rachel Rocket discovers the secret her masters have worked so hard to protect – a weapon that harnesses the power of the universe to rain down fire upon from the sky upon helpless victims of tyranny's lust for power. With the aid of unexpected allies, Rachel resolves to destroy the weapon – even if it costs her life. Battling a machine-gun wielding army of guards and dodging the blazing fury of a U.S. Navy air raid, Rachael faces barehanded the unimaginable power of a dictator's most dangerous toy, the Molten Image. Fighting for her life, Rachel knows that stopping the March of the Molten Image will be only the first step in her desperate effort to save the East Coast from destruction. Don't miss this thrilling pulp novel plus new and classic science fiction by Balrog winner Ardath Mayhar, J. D. Crayne, Jean Marie Stine, and Joe Vadalma, plus Lynn Venable's "All the Time in the World," which became a Twilight Zone classic.